A Guide to Finding the Best Retirement Homes in Tacoma, WA

A Guide to Finding the Best Retirement Homes in Tacoma, WA

Post-retirement, many seniors opt to relocate someplace new, downsizing their current home in favor of something that requires less upkeep. Some seniors prefer to stay in their own homes, while others move into retirement homes. Retirement homes offer convenience and comfort for senior citizens, with on-site amenities such as pools, fitness rooms, and common areas for games and socializing.

As the county seat of Pierce County, Tacoma, WA, offers a wealth of options for retirement homes. Discerning seniors who want to start searching for retirement homes in Tacoma can utilize the tips and tricks in this guide to find the right community for their needs.

Figure out a price point

The second-largest city in the Puget Sound area, Tacoma is home to several international companies and hosts many cultural attractions, including America's Car Museum and the Museum of Glass. An industrial city with a lot to appeal to busy young professionals, Tacoma is also a prime retirement spot due to the stunning views of Mount Rainier and Commencement Bay.

The first thing retiring seniors should do when looking for retirement homes in Tacoma is establish a realistic price point. Retirement communities range in price from affordable to very expensive. You will want to set a price you can comfortably pay long-term while leaving enough in your budget for any desired travel and other living expenses.

Decide on the level of care required

There are different levels of care available in retirement home communities. Some communities cater to seniors who can live independently, while others cater to seniors who require varying degrees of personalized care and attention. Before you search for retirement homes, figure out your or your loved ones’ daily needs.

Create a list of top options

Start your search online, scanning results in local search engines to see what retirement homes fit your criteria. Prices won't always appear online, so if you think the community looks promising, write it down to research later. Eventually, you should have a list of options to work through. Another good resource for finding senior retirement homes in Tacoma is friends and family members. If you have any relatives or close friends who live in retirement homes or have experience with this type of search, ask them for their recommendations.

Finally, network with professional acquaintances. You never know who might have a lead on a retirement community that fits your needs. A real estate agent is an excellent resource for this. Realtors tap into events and businesses in the area and can likely give you some leads on several top-rated retirement homes.

Tour Tacoma retirement communities

As helpful as researching your top choices online, there is no substitute for visiting a property in person. After you have made a list of options, call each one and schedule tours. During these tours, you will be able to experience the environment, talk to the staff and residents, taste the food, walk through the amenities and common areas, and, most importantly, see the rooms where you would be living.

Tours can be time-intensive, and communities often only offer them during specific hours, so don't try to fit too many into one week. If possible, schedule one tour a week so you have time after the tour to write down your first impressions, points of concern, or additional questions to bring up with the administration. Picking a retirement community is a big decision and not one you want to make while under stress or pressure.

Ask a lot of questions

During your tour of the retirement home, ask as many questions as possible. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Do residents have a private room, or do they share rooms?
  • How many meals per day do you provide?
  • Do you accommodate special dietary requests?
  • Are there private rooms available for special family celebrations?
  • Do you provide parking for guests and visitors?
  • Are there any additional fees or charges beyond the standard living expenses you advertise?
  • What is the ratio of staff to residents?
  • What kind of specialized training does the staff have?
  • Do you offer fitness programs?
  • What guidelines are in place for staff?
  • What emergency medical procedures are in place?
If you have specific concerns, address those questions with the staff during your tour. Staff and administration should be more than willing to answer your questions. If you think of questions you forgot after the tour, don't hesitate to call the retirement home. After your tours, you should have a feeling about which community will be the right fit for you. If you're torn between several, consider making a list of pros and cons to narrow it down.

Decide whether to sell your current property

One of the big decisions you will make before moving into a retirement home is whether to sell your current property. By selling your home, you will get access to a chunk of money to help you during retirement. You can use this money to travel, pay for the retirement home, or live comfortably. If you decide to keep your property, you can opt for another relative to move in or use it as a second home for yourself. There are many factors to consider. Ultimately, the best decision for you is the one that will make you feel comfortable, happy, and secure.

Contact a Tacoma Realtor

If you decide to sell your property in Tacoma, an experienced Realtor can help. When you work with a professional who understands the market and the unique nature of downsizing to move into a retirement home, you will free up more of your time and be more likely to enjoy the process. If you're looking for a retirement home near Downtown Tacoma or North Tacoma, a Realtor can help you sell your current home and streamline the search for a new senior community.

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